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The lifestyle as a sister of Alpha Omega Epsilon does not exist within just our chapters or end with graduation. Alpha Omega Epsilon offers its members many opportunities to connect with the overall Sorority. By volunteering with Alpha Omega Epsilon you will be given many opportunities to promote friendship, leadership and professionalism. Committees are organized under each of the Board of Directors and offer a wide range of involvement and responsibilities and allow you to work alongside your fellow sisters! To learn more about a specific committee, please contact

To volunteer, please fill out this survey.


Convention Committee:

Responsible for organizing and hosting the International Convention and the Regional Conferences. Responsibilities include
planning, organizing, advertising, hosting and attending all Convention activities.

Member Relations Committee:

Responsible for organizing and overseeing Sorority-sponsored programs to fulfill the mission statement of the Sorority.
Members of this committee work with dispersed groups and gather feedback to develop programs that meet international

Vice President

Elections Committee:

Responsible for taking point to coordinate efforts surrounding Board elections every other year, including gathering election candidates, publicizing the elections, and coordinating election activities at Convention.

Governance Committee:

Responsible for reviewing and approving all changes to the International Bylaws, Policies and Procedures, as well as the Chapters' Bylaws.


Finance Committee:

Responsible for creating and managing the Sorority's budget, proposing fundraising events, and researching potential financial issues, such as, but not limited to, taxes and investments.

Promissory Note Committee:

Responsible for maintaining the promissory note database, notifying new alumnae of the promissory note responsibility, and developing payment plans to meet the needs of alumni.


Risk Management Committee:

Responsible for reviewing and updating the Risk Management Policy, as needed, and developing programs to help chapters better understand the Policy. It is also this committee's duty to keep record of all signed Risk Management Policy forms.

AΩE History Committee:

Responsible for collecting items for permanent historical records, taking pictures at international events, and reviewing and incorporating active collegiate chapter family trees.

Chapter Audit Committee:

Responsible for performing the audit process for the active collegiate chapters, ensuring each chapter has the appropriate documentation and is aware of existing policies and procedures. Additionally, this committee is responsible for ensuring that the audit process is followed and updated, as needed.

Director of Chapter Services

Chapter Advisor:

Regional and Chapter Advisors are not in committee structure but operate as individual responsibilities. These advisors assist with collegiate chapter duties and liaise between the chapters and the Board of Directors.
Interested in becoming a Chapter Advisor?  Please complete an application here.

Special Committees

Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion:

Responsible for uplifting our sisters, educating our sisterhood, and providing the best resources to raise our voices to support equity, diversity, and inclusion.


Volunteer Coordination:

Responsible for soliciting interest from alumni in volunteering, including maintaining volunteer contact information and volunteer hours, obtaining feedback on volunteer projects and activities, and coordinating plans for the service award.


Alumni Relations:

Responsible for contacting and tracking alumni social groups on a bi-yearly basis, including maintaining alumni contact information, updating alumni information with new graduates, compiling news and achievements from alumni, submitting alumni related articles to the yearly newsletter, maintaining the alumni web pages, and coordinating alumni vacation ideas.



Responsible for contacting all our members and reminding them to update their contact information in the database. After the database is up-to-date, the workload will decrease, and the committee will focus on maintaining the accuracy of the database.


Responsible for researching potential schools for chapter growth, delivering information sessions to interested parties, assisting prospective chapters achieve chapter status, and representing the Sorority to interested groups.

Fraternal Health and Safety Initiative:

Responsible for delivering training to collegiate chapters on prevention and intervention strategies for pressing issues on college campuses.


Responsible for approving chapter merchandise designs, maintaining the publications policy, and overseeing vendor licensing.
Members will correspond with chapters to facilitate approvals and answer questions regarding merchandise.


Responsible for publishing the Angle newsletter twice yearly and sending e-newsletters to members, including sourcing articles, article idea generation, and maintaining the mailing list.