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Start a Chapter

The Sisters of Alpha Omega Epsilon are proud of the principles the Organization stands for and always welcome young women who can share in the Sorority's dreams and reap the benefits that Alpha Omega Epsilon has to offer. Establishing a new Alpha Omega Epsilon chapter is one of the most exciting events for members. Alpha Omega Epsilon is dedicated to supporting new chapters through the development phases. The Expansion Committee and others work along side new chapter members to ensure the chapter has a strong and meaningful experience.

After successfully completing the steps of a colony as defined in "Colonization and Installation" the following steps should be completed to start a chapter:

  1. The colony may petition to become a chapter by contacting the Expansion Committee for the application.
  2. The application to become a chapter must be submitted within 18 months of colony installation. If this cannot be done, an extension request must be submitted.
  3. Once the Board has approved the chapter application and bylaws , installation will be scheduled and a new chapter will be born.

Alpha Omega Epsilon currently has 46 active chapters and 1 colonies. The Sorority continues to grow with the help of ambitious bright young women! If you would like more information on starting a Chapter of Alpha Omega Epsilon at your University, please contact our Expansion Committee at expansion@alphaomegaepsilon.orgClick here for a printable version of an Alpha Omega Epsilon brochure where you can learn more!

Colonization and Chapter Installation

When an Alpha Omega Epsilon chapter welcomes its first group of members, the chapter is considered a colony. The colonization process includes educating students about the opportunities of creating a chapter, how to conduct informational sessions and recruitment events and plans for chapter management. The colonization process also provides guidelines for members to leverage resources from the surrounding community.

Colonies grow from a group of 8 or more dedicated young women with a desire to empower the professions of engineering and technical sciences. During the colony period, members will partake in a variety of initiation requirements such as establishing bylaws, electing officers, obtaining a minimum number of members and hosting at least one professional and philanthropic event. Once the standard initiation requirements have been met, the chapter may be installed. The Board of Directors reviews the petition for chapter installation and upon approval a new chapter is born!