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"We thrive on engineering, we are sisters A.O.E!"

Alpha Omega Epsilon provides its alumni members lifelong opportunities for growth and friendship through a variety of programs and events. Alpha Omega Epsilon's commitment to its members is possible through the continued support of its alumni community and the contributions of the Promissory Note. Fulfilling the responsibilities of the Promissory Note advances the Sorority and enables the Sorority to maintain an exemplary level of dedication to its members.

The support received from the Promissory Note helps to develop programs such as:

Angle Newsletter
Support expansion efforts
Offset the cost of Colony and Chapter installations
Development of programs for Actives and Alumni
The Promissory Note is a one-time payment made by alumni that provides for the ongoing communication between the Sorority and alumni over a lifetime, contributes to the growth of the Organization, and assists in the financial stability of the Organization (Bylaws, Article III, Section 5).


Please send an email to the office to generate an invoice at

In your email, you can also request a payment plan and indicate what works for you in terms of the number of payments and amounts for those.

Promissory Note Questions

Do you have questions about the Promissory Note? Did you recently receive a letter in the mail about your Promissory Note? Please contact!

Payment Options

There are several payment plans available for alumnae. For any additional information about Promissory Notes, please contact If you would like to pay via check, please make your check out to Alpha Omega Epsilon. Payments should be sent to the following address.

Alpha Omega Epsilon

6510 Telecom Dr, Suite 200

Indianapolis, IN 46278