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Board of Directors


Ciara Ginyard
Board President

Ciara is a graduate of the Zeta Chapter, Syracuse University where she majored in Environmental Engineering. During her collegiate experience, she held a number of committee roles from philanthropy, historian and sisterhood to executive board positions Vice-President to Membership Educator. Ciara has continued to serve and remain engaged with A.O.E. in several capacities which has included the Founding Chapter Advisor for the Chi Chapter, The George Washington University, participating in Iota Chapter (University of Michigan-Dearborn) activities, and volunteering on the E.D.I. Committee, Volunteer Coordination, Merchandise, Social Media, and Newsletter groups while serving on the Board of Directors as the Director of Communications. Ciara also volunteered for the A.O.E. National Foundation in roles as the Alumna Director and Director of Development.

Ciara currently works in a budding FinTech company to provide financial support to national municipalities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Detroit, St. Louis, Newark and Birmingham to name a few. When not on her grind with work and volunteering, she enjoys oceanic conservation work as a licensed diver.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  She is your go-to critic for the best cupcake in any city, state and county.

Jenna K

Jenna Klobucar
Board Secretary

Jenna is a 2020 graduate of the Alpha Chapter, Marquette University where she majored in Electrical Engineering. During her collegiate experience she held many roles including historian, philanthropy, formal, sisterhood, and risk reduction chairs. She also served on the executive board as membership educator. Jenna has remained involved with the sorority since graduating through volunteering most recently as chair for the volunteer coordination and history committees. Jenna is also a member of the Alpha Alumni Chapter. She is very excited to be a part of the Board of Directors as the new Board Secretary.
Outside of A.O.E Jenna currently lives and works in Milwaukee, WI as an Electrical Engineer. She enjoys spending her time doing all things water related, having once been a synchronized swimmer, baking, spending time with friends & family, and educating herself on anything that might be asked during a trivia game.


Katie Falcone
Director of Chapter Services

Katie graduated from Drexel University in 2016 with her BS in Biomedical Engineering and from the University of Pennsylvania with her MSE in Bioengineering. As an undergrad, Katie was a Beta Mu Chapter Founder and served as President, Secretary, and Sisterhood chair. As an alumna, Katie continued to volunteer with A.O.E. as the Beta Mu Chapter Advisor for 3 years before then serving as the East Regional Advisor and on the Board of Directors as Secretary. Katie is grateful to A.O.E. for everything it has helped her to accomplish and the friendships it allowed her to forge. She is very excited to continue her volunteer work at the Board level in her new role as Director of Chapter Services.
Katie currently works at Datwyler as a Scientific Support Manager. She provides technical support and guidance for pharmaceutical companies using Datwyler parenteral packaging components to ultimately ensure life saving medications get to the patients that need them. Katie lives in the Philadelphia suburbs. In her spare time, she enjoys running, playing volleyball, watching horror movies, and spending time with friends & family.

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Carlie Bolling
Director of Alumni Relations

Carlie Bolling is a 2020 alumna of the Beta Epsilon Chapter at the University of Pennsylvania, where she majored in Systems Science and Engineering and minored in Engineering Entrepreneurship. During her time as an active, she held multiple chairs: Philanthropy, Social Media, Membership Educator, and President. As an alumna, she has supported the Alumni Association with other volunteers. Carlie is an industrial engineer at Universal Parks and Resorts, and enjoys theme parks, painting, and playin gwith her chinchilla names Roudy in her free time.


Jenn Crowley
Director of Expansion

Jenn graduated from the Beta Mu Chapter at Drexel University, where she majored in Chemical Engineering. While an active member of Beta Mu she was on various committees and served terms as the chapter Treasurer and Vice President. As an alumni, she knew she wanted to stay involved and immediately joined the Expansion Committee - it’s important to her to share what A.O.E. has to offer to universities that currently don’t have chapters.
She is currently the Business Process Owner for Digital Operations and eDMS at a speciality chemicals company. She provides modern solutions to her company’s North American plants for more efficient manufacturing. In her free time, she soaks in the sunshine, tears up the rec league courts in sand volleyball, and explores Houston’s bayou trails on her road bike.


Riley Dowdle
Director of Communications

Riley is a graduate of the Alpha Chapter, Marquette University where she double majored in Biomedical (Biocomputing) Engineering & Theology and Religious Studies, as well as completed a certificate in Engineering Leadership. During her collegiate experience, she held a few committee roles including formal and chaplain, to the executive board position of President. Riley has continued to serve and remain engaged with A.O.E. in several capacities which has included serving on the executive board of the Alpha Alumni Chapter in the roles of Treasurer and now President, and volunteering on the Merchandise, Social Media, and Newsletter groups before serving on the Board of Directors as the Director of Communications.

Riley currently works as a software engineer for Beckman Coulter, Dx where she writes automated tests for immunoassay machines. When not on her grind with work and volunteering, she enjoys weightlifting & getting out to hike in her local MN state parks. She lives with the new  assistant to the Director of Communications - a very large, very fluffy, orange kitty named Larry.


Brenda Herold
Director at Large

Brenda is a founding member of A.O.E and the Alpha Chapter, Marquette University where she majored in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

During these years she held a number of positions in establishing this organization. While early in her software engineering career, she completed a Computer Engineering degree from University of Illinois. Brenda contributed to Chapter Advising, Judiciary committee and most recently with the Strategic Planning committee.  Brenda has volunteer activities beyond A.O.E that focus on promoting STEM from Middle School age students through graduate students. Brenda currently works for a software company that is focused on transforming the software defined AI first world. This provides the ability to be a part of transforming society and the economy across aerospace, defense, telecommunications, automotive, industrial and medical fields with a growth mindset. Brenda’s passion is driven by experiences and travel is an amble pallet for that painting. These experiences have ranged from living abroad, short and long trips and having spent time on all 7 continents (connect and ask about all the ways to embrace and learn and grow)


Emily Johnson
Director at Large

Emily is a graduate of the Omicron Chapter, University of Wisconsin-Madison where she majored in Neurobiology and Psychology and minored in Leadership.  While active as an undergrad, she chaired multiple positions at her chapter including History and Ritual, Scholarship, and Treasurer.

Emily currently lives in Madison, WI and works in the BioTech industry with a goal of helping to advance health solutions through behind-the-scenes roles.  When not working, Emily likes to experiment in the kitchen, travel to new places, and compare book to movie adaptations.  She is elated to join the Board as a Director at Large and is eager to contribute her time and effort to this new role.


Nicole (Nikki) Sabay, Director at Large

Nicole (Nikki) Sabay has served more than ten years as a volunteer for Alpha Omega Epsilon. She is the Beta Gamma Chapter’s Founding President and has since served as their Chapter Advisor, West Regional Advisor, and on the Board of Directors as Director of Chapter Services. She graduated from San Diego State University in 2013 with a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering.

Nikki currently works as an Assistant Engineering for the City of Malibu. She lives in the Greater Los Angeles area and keeps herself pretty busy with a ton of extracurriculars. She likes to spend her time being active. She’s a competitive athlete in Scottish Highland Games and Strongman. Nikki also plays Roller Derby for Ventura County Derby Darlins, where she is also the Marketing Director.

Aside from Alpha Omega Epsilon, Nikki also volunteers for her local professional Engineers Without Borders Chapter, where she was given the opportunity to travel to Tanzania for a water project. She also volunteers for her local National Engineering Week Committee, a non-profit that provides scholarships to students pursuing higher education in Engineering. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, crafting, and baking and always seeks new experiences.

She lives by a mantra, “Be Present,” in all things you do.


Krista May
Past President (Ex-Officio)

Krista graduated from South Dakota State University in 2011 with a degree in Civil Engineering. As an undergrad, Krista was a Chapter Founder and served as Recruitment Chair, Membership Educator, and Secretary. As an alumna, she was a Founder of the Alumnae Chapter of the Omega Chapter of Alpha Omega Epsilon. She co-wrote the Alumnae Chapter bylaws and served as Vice President of Alumnae Affairs. Before joining the Board of Directors, Krista served on the Website Committee and Promissory Note Committee.

Krista currently works at Infrastructure Design Group, Inc. as a Project Engineer. She designs roadways and utilities for urban reconstruction projects.  Krista lives in Sioux Falls, SD. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, crafting, baking, attending her cousins various sporting events, and hosting game nights for family and friends. Krista enjoys watching Doctor Who, Grey’s Anatomy, and Gilmore Girls.


Jessica Roy
A.O.E. Foundation Chair (Ex-Officio)

Jessica graduated from Syracuse University in 1999 with a B.S. degree in Computer Engineering.  As an undergrad, Jessica was a founder of the Zeta Chapter, and held office roles as Membership Educator, Secretary, and President.  After graduation, Jessica was the first Alumnae Relations Officer for the Board of Directors, and now serves as the Chair of the Alpha Omega Epsilon National Foundation, after starting as Secretary.
Jessica currently works at Waymo as Technical Program Manager, Software Integrations.  She is working with software and hardware teams to build the "World's Most Experienced Driver" to improve access to mobility and make transportation safer.  Jessica lives in Campbell, CA with her husband, two children, and dog, Lexie.  She enjoys collecting and playing old school arcade and video games, watching her son's soccer club, traveling, and wine.


Avery Wehner
Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Committee Chair (Ex-Officio)

Avery is an alum of the Mu Chapter at Northern Illinois University.  As an undergrad, she served as Membership Educator, Vice President, and in several committee chair roles.

For many years, Avery has been a chapter advisor for Mu, she previously served on the Volunteer Coordination Committee, and currently serves as Chair for the EDI Committee.

Avery currently works for Northwestern Medicine supporting primary care sites throughout Northern Illinois.  She lives in the “very distant suburbs” of Chicago with her human partner and many furry friends.  In her occasional spare time, Avery enjoys photography and is often experimenting with a new crafty hobby.  Fun fact: Avery played roller derby a few years ago, but had to take a break from it after tending to too many teammates’ injuries!


Nikki Boesiger
Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Committee Chair

Nikki (she-her) graduated from the Mu Chapter at Northern Illinois University with a Chemistry degree. As an undergraduate, she served as the chapter Vice President, Membership Educator, and several committee chair roles. As an alumna, she had served in the organization as a Board Treasurer, Mu Chapter advisor, and assisted in multiple committees.
Nikki currently works at Abbott as a Senior Regulatory Affairs Specialist, supporting FDA submissions. She lives in the northern Chicago suburbs with her husband, two kids, and two fur-kids. Nikki enjoys different arts and crafts such as painting, crocheting, bullet journaling. Recently, she's discovered scrapbooking! Apart from that, Nikki loves baking and cooking, reading books, and spending time with her family.